Welcome to Down South Hacking

This site will serve several purposes. Most obvious being, a blog of my dealings in the InfoSec field, mostly relating to the South Florida area. Also, You may see me put up specific links, pictures, or other random stuff from my online travels, with short blurbs about them attached.

Tools, downloads, and scripts will also eventually be available, with due credit given of course. I’ll try to post some tutorials when I find the time, but again, these will probably simply be my versions of already known processes.

Please don’t take the information presented in this blog too seriously, as I sure as hell don’t. I’m not the guru of IT security by any stretch, and alot of the things you’ll see will be repost of already well-known tools/tips/tricks.

Please feel free to leave any comments on my postings, and let me know what you think. Click the About page at the top to see my contact info and send me any love/hate mail you may have.


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